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Between 1899 and 1903-4 Picasso did at least twenty-one portraits of Rusiñol. Undoubtedly, of the artistic figures Picasso portrayed, few were subject to so many and such different readings.

Throughout this exhibition we find portraits linking Rusiñol to a range of themes. Picasso's remarkable interest in Rusiñol stemmed from a will to scrutinize the figure of the artist, which in Barcelona Rusiñol represented more than anyone else, at the very point when the young artist was reflecting on the construction of his own image.

These twenty-some portraits of Rusiñol paralleled Picasso's years in Barcelona and can be divided into two periods: the first, 1899 to 1900-1, marked by admiration and an analytical stance, and the second, 1902 to 1903-4, ironic and demystifying.