Title Abstract 1 Picasso Looks at Degas Authors Elizabeth Cowling and Richard Kendall Year 2010 Pages 22 Languages Catalan, Spanish, English Format 21 x 24 cm Publisher Museu Picasso ISBN Catalan 978-84-9850-263-3 ISBN Spanish 978-84-9850-264-0 ISBN English 978-84-9850-265-7 Design Jason Ellams

AbstractThis is the first issue of a new collection being published by the Museu Picasso on the occasion of the exhibition Picasso Looks at Degas. Under the generic name of Abstract, and with an approach similar to that of what are known in France as petits journals, the Museum aims to give the public an outline of the contents of its temporary exhibitions. To this end we have selected some of the best works, grouped them into thematic areas, and provided them with short explanatory texts and quote passages from the exhibition catalogue.

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