Museu Picasso

Max Jacob

(Quimper, 1876 – Drancy internment camp, 1944)

Daniel-Henry Kahnweiler published some of the first compilations of poems by Max Jacob, such as Les oeuvres burlesques et mystiques du Frère Matorel, mort au couvent, illustrated by Picasso. Le cornet a dés (1917) is the work that made the poet famous. Jacob met Picasso in 1901 and the two became friends; he also befriended Apollinaire, Modigliani and Créixams, and was one of the first champions of avant-garde artists in the articles he published in Gazette des Beaux-Arts. Portraiture proper made a sudden and controversial return in 1915 with the naturalistic drawing of Max Jacob, which is reminiscent of Ingres’ style. Jacob wryly observed that the drawing made him look ‘simultaneously like my grandfather, an old Catalan peasant and my mother’.


Portrait of Max Jacob
Graphite on vellum paper
32,6 x 24,8 cm
Musée national Picasso-Paris. MP1998-307

Room 3