Museu Picasso

José Ruiz Blasco

(Malaga, 1838 – Barcelona, 1913)

Pablo Picasso's father was an art teacher and a painter who specialised in pictures of birds and flowers. Besides being curator and restorer at the Museo Municipal in Malaga, he worked as a teacher at the provincial fine arts schools in Malaga (San Telmo, 1875-1890), Corunna (1891-1895) and Barcelona (Llotja, 1895-1913). Picasso described Don José’s gaunt but handsome features meticulously: an attractive figure whose deeply lined brow and unfocused gaze hint at the depression and anxiety that afflicted him in middle age.


The artist's father
Barcelona, 1896
Watercolour on paper
25,5 x 17,8 cm
Donació Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.331

The artist's father, Carles Casagemas and various caricatures
Barcelona, 1899-1900
Conté crayon on watermarked paper
40,9 x 32 cm (irregular)

Room 1