Museu Picasso

Jaume Sabartés

(Barcelona, 1881 – Paris, 1968)

A sculptor and a writer, Sabartés founded the Museu Picasso. in Barcelona He first met Picasso in the studio the latter shared with Santiago and Josep Cardona at number 2, Escudellers Blancs. They both frequented Els Quatre Gats, the Art Nouveau tavern that opened in 1897. Sabartés spent several periods in Paris, and from 1904 to 1927 lived in Guatemala, where he worked as a journalist, a teacher of French, a translator of English and a lecturer in Art History at the National Fine Arts School. In 1927 he moved to Montevideo, where he continued to work as a teacher and a journalist. In 1935, summoned by Picasso, he became his personal secretary.

Often portrayed by Picasso throughout their long common trajectory, the portraits always keep the tone of being caricatures, with fleshy lips, myopic eyes, and burlesque characterisations.


Portrait of Jaume Sabartés
Oil on canvas
49,5 x 37,5 cm
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Nationalgalerie, Museum Berggruen. NG MB 3/2000

Jaume Sabartés seated
Barcelona, 1900
Charcoal and "peinture à l'essence" on laid paper

Sabartés and His Neighbour
5 de maig de 1957
Monotype on zinc
22,2 x 27,3 cm
Col·lecció particular. 11896​

Humorous composition. Jaume Sabartés and Dani Crayne
Canes, 22 de maig del 1957
Coloured grease pencils on cut magazine printed paper
34,5 x 26,1 cm (irregular)
Donació Jaume Sabartés, 1964. MPB 70.672

Humorous composition. Jaume Sabartés and Neile Adams
Canes, 4 de desembre del 1957
Brush and Indian ink on cut magazine printed paper
35,6 x 26 cm (irregular)
Donació Jaume Sabartés, 1964. MPB 70.674

Jaume Sabartés with ruff and bonnet
Royan, 22 d’octubre del 1939
Oil on canvas
46 x 38 cm
Donació Jaume Sabartés, 1962. MPB 70.241

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