Museu Picasso

Frederic Pujulà i Vallès

(Palamós, 1877 – Bargemon, 1963)

As a writer, journalist and Esperantist, Frederic Pujulà was intensely active in the dissemination of his republican, federalist and Catalanist ideals. He published short stories and articles in La Senyera of Palamós, El Federalista and L'Avenç, among other journals, and was an editor on Joventut. He was also one of the organisers of the 5th World Esperanto Congress held in Barcelona in 1909. His friendship with Picasso was forged at Els Quatre Gats, the Art Nouveau tavern that opened in 1897, and their relations deepened when both worked on Joventut. In July 1900, Pujulà published a favourable review of Picasso's second exhibition at Els Quatre Gats in Las Noticias. By depicting him looking out directly at the spectator, Picasso enhanced the impression of a prim, owlish pedagogue, and offers a wry assessment of his incipient fanaticism.


Portrait of the Writer Frederic Pujulà i Vallès
Ink and wash on paper
13 x 14 cm
Col·lecció particular. D0050

Room 1