Museu Picasso

Élie Faure

(Sainte-Foy-la-Grande, 1873 – Paris, 1939)

The doctor and author Élie Faure wrote a monumental Histoire de l'Art (1909-1921), completed by the essay entitled L'Esprit des formes (1927), in which his personal interpretation inserted art in the history of civilisation as a whole. Faure was one of the first intellectuals to introduce film in art history. He had met Picasso before the outbreak of World War One, although the two didn't begin to meet on a regular basis until 1921. Portrayed in a rare moment of inactivity, Faure’s alert intelligence is suggested by the watchfulness of his eyes and the tortoise-like turn of his head.


Portrait of Élie Faure
14 juny 1922
Graphite on paper
32 x 26 cm
Col·lecció particular

Room 3