Museu Picasso

Carles Casagemas

Barcelona, 1880 – Paris, 1901)

The painter, draughtsman and writer Carles Casagemas came into contact with the so-called Saffron Group of artists that included Nonell, Mir and Pichot. In the spring of 1899 he became friends with Picasso, with whom he would share a studio at number 17, Riera de Sant Joan from January to September 1900, when they both made their first trip to Paris. After travelling together to Malaga, Picasso moved to Madrid and Casagemas returned to Paris, where he committed suicide in February 1901. Picasso was deeply affected by his death, which would exert a powerful influence on his oeuvre. His weasel-features, seen in profile, are a constant trait in Picasso’s caricatures and portraits, even in those done after his friend’s death, which had a private purpose and only came to light during the 1960s.


The artist's father, Carles Casagemas and various caricatures
Barcelona, 1899-1900
Conté crayon on watermarked paper
40,9 x 32 cm (irregular)
Donació Pablo Picasso, 1970. MPB 110.590

Carles Casagemas and Picasso and two girls
París, 1900
Pen and sepia ink, watercolour and gouache on paper pasted onto cardboard
38 x 43 cm
Adquisició, 1995. MPB 113.003c

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