Museu Picasso

Àngel Fernández de Soto

(Barcelona, 1882 – 1937)

Picasso met the painter Àngel Fernández de Soto, known to his friends as 'Patas' [Legs] at Barcelona's Edèn Concert music hall. In1902 the two shared a studio with Josep Rocarol at number 6, Nou de la Rambla, and the following year at number 17, Riera de Sant Joan. During the summer of 1910 they spent a few days in Cadaqués and in 1917 Soto attended the banquet for Picasso at Galeries Laietanes in Barcelona. Fernández de Soto died during the Spanish Civil War after being run down by an ambulance. The de Soto brothers were fair game for Picasso’s caricatures. Mateu was reputedly the antithesis of his brother in looks and character –small, frail and shabby, diligent, reserved and prone to melancholy- His brother Àngel, tall and lanky, elegant and bon vivant and a regular of Barcelona’s brothels, is represented with a phallic neck.


The brothers Mateu and Àngel Fernández de Soto with Anita
Barcelona, 1902-1903
Conté crayon, blue coloured pencil and watercolour on paper
31 x 23,7 cm (irregular)
Aportació de l’Ajuntament de Barcelona, 1963. MPB 50.498

Room 2