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Picasso Blue Project

6 April 2022 – 4 September 2022

Picasso projecte blau

The Museu Picasso presents an exhibition on the technical studies of the works in the museum collection, as corresponding to the artist’s Blue Period. The show is curated by Reyes Jiménez, head of the Department of Preventive Conservation and Restoration, exploring various aspects of the works. This includes their creative processes, compositional materials and colour layers, as well as their contextualisation and relationships with other works of the same period or those previous, in the case of reused canvases, while also considering conservation strategies.

The exhibition material is predominantly visual, with a highly promotional angle and the inclusion in the galleries of technological supports and digital technologies in facilitating understanding of the documentation. The exhibition presents unpublished research projects developed in different frameworks of collaboration with museum institutions, such as the research division of the National Gallery of Art in Washington—which has analysed the works Jaume Sabartés with Pince-Nez (1901) and Still Life (1901)—or in the context of the PROMESA research project of the Istituto Nello Carrara in Florence, which has focused its study on The Blue Glass (1903).

By means of a didactic, communicative museum presentation, the exhibition takes us through the main works of the Blue Period in the Museu Picasso collection, beginning with work that preludes this period, such as Still Life (1901), and ending with Roofs of Barcelona (1903). Technology is an essential tool for 21st-century museums. In this case, technological advances have made it possible to build bridges between institutions with important works by Picasso, connecting them while establishing a reasoned narrative of the artist’s Blue Period.

With the documentation created over almost two decades of research activity, this is the moment to make all this material publicly accessible, using new platforms and supports offered by existing technology. Its intense activity in technical research confirms the Museu Picasso of Barcelona as an international point of reference in knowledge of key periods of Picasso’s production, such as his earlier education, the Blue Period and his more mature years, through the Las Meninas series.

The exhibition includes the Blue Period drawing The Blind Man, now deposited at the Museu Picasso. The recent purchase by the Barcelona City Council was facilitated by the right of the Government of Catalonia to exercise a priority bid on artworks faced with exportation. Picasso made this drawing in 1903, in the midst of the Blue Period; it is unquestionably connected to works from that period, such as The Blind Man’s Meal (Metropolitan Museum of Art) and The Blind Man (Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University). The piece clearly complements the discourse of other works from that crucial moment during the artist’s youth.

  • Young Picasso’s Education

    Technical Studies

    The Museu Picasso of Barcelona has collaborated for a number of years with the Museo Picasso – Colección Eugenio Arias, in Buitrago del Lozoya (Madrid). This latter museum features an unusual collection created over a 26-year friendship between the artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso and his barber, Eugenio Arias. The collaboration between the two museums initially began in the form of a loan of a work, although now the Museu Picasso has exported an exhibition project to the Madrid Region that complements the Picasso Blue Project exhibit.

    This show, curated by Reyes Jiménez, will be held from 7 April to 3 July 2022. It will be structured around two fundamental pieces from young Picasso’s educational years that are part of the collection of the Museu: First Communion (January-March 1896) and Science and Charity (January-April 1897). Both paintings represent key moments in the evolution of young Picasso’s educational period, as he was then fifteen, and are key works in the Museu Picasso narrative. The exhibition discourse is built around a selection of drawings and paintings from the Barcelona collection related to these masterpieces, and is complemented by documentation from technical studies carried out by the research team of the Museu.


  • Open to the public:
    6 April 2022 – 4 September 2022

  • Curator:
    Reyes Jiménez

  • Collaborators:
    National Gallery of Art, Washington, and Istituto Nello Carrara, Florence (as part of the project PROMESA)

  • Prices:
    Exhibition included in the price of general admission to the museum

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