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Contemporary Presences: Marijn van Kreij

From 17th September until 1st november 2020

By re-using existing imagery and concentrating on repetition and the act of drawing itself  Marijn van Kreij (Middelrode, The Netherlands, 1978) playfully challenges the myth of the creative genius and the Western notion of progress. Rather than presenting the work as a finished whole, he invites the viewer to engage with the creation process. From 2012 onwards he started to centre his practice almost exclusively around the late work of Pablo Picasso, resulting in a vast body of work, ranging from the monumental ‘Picasso grids’ to expansive series of A4 and A3-sized drawings based on Picasso’s ‘interior landscapes’.

The presentation Contemporary Presences: Marijn van Kreij in Sala Mauri of Museu Picasso is centred around the window, a recurring theme for both Picasso as well as Van Kreij.

The window can be regarded here as a kind of meeting point between an inner life and the outside world. In large grids Van Kreij presents hundreds of variations on a scene with a blue window frame lifted from Picasso’s The Studio from 1956. Painted in a fast and direct manner, on used paper, magazine pages and advertisement leaflets, the series fluctuates between figuration and abstraction, turning each fragment into a wavering sign.

The exhibition is further complemented by a few provisionally constructed wind chimes, as well as a range of different stools from the collection of the artist, inviting the audience to interact and linger.

It is conceived by the artist and curator Erich Weiss and is coordinated by the art initiative LOODD. It will be on display from the 17th September until the 1st novembre.

The exhibition is made possible with the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund and Barcelona’s Sir Victor Hotel.