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Brigitte Baer. Picasso and his engravings

From 22 June 2022 to 23 October 2022

Brigitte Baer. Picasso and his engravings

In May 2015, David Leclerc, Brigitte Baer’s nephew, donated Brigitte Baer’s personal archive to the Museu Picasso in Barcelona on the advice of Paco Rebés, a gallery owner and friend of Brigitte. At the same time, Galerie Kornfeld, publisher of the catalogue raisonné of Picasso's graphic work, donated the working documents that Bernhard Geiser had designed for the publication of the first two volumes of the catalogue and the photographs of the works used for the study of the engravings, both preserved in Brigitte Baer's archive, given that when Geiser died she continued the cataloguing work and had therefore inherited his work material.

Brigitte Baer's archive is a journey through her research into Picasso's graphic work. The catalogue cards of Picasso's graphic work, together with the more than twelve thousand photographs that reproduce the artist's works, are the core of the archive. From here, Baer's research is developed and as a result, the archive would grow: the catalogues raisonnés published with annotations by the author, more than thirty original Baer manuscripts, an important corpus of reference documents, or a significant volume of correspondence complete the documentary collection and highlight Brigitte's meticulous, exquisite and intelligent work, as well as her enthusiasm for engraving.

The Brigitte Baer Archive consists of:
• Handwritten and typewritten catalogue cards.
• 12,600 photographic reproductions, prints and negatives, of Picasso’s graphic wor.k
• Reference documentation on Picasso and the great master engravers of art history.
• Eleven publications on Picasso’s graphic work annotated and commented on by Brigitte Bae.r
• Five boxes of textual documentation containing thirty-five original typescripts of Baer’s articles and texts.
• Professional correspondence.
• Print layouts of catalogues raisonnés.

The archive is on public display for the first time, along with a selection of engravings from the Museum.


  • Open to the public:
    From 22 June 2022 to 23 October 2022

  • Curator:
    Emmanuel Guigon, Sílvia Domènech and Núria Solé Bardalet

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