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50 years of the Museu
Picasso IN barcelona


Picasso’s generosity towards his museum in Barcelona went beyond sending copies of his prints, and in May 1968 the museum received 59 paintings from Mougins donated in memory of Jaume Sabartés, who had recently died: a portrait of Sabartés dated 1901, and the 58 paintings that make up the Las Meninas series.

Two years later he once again increased the museum’s collection by donating 236 oil paintings, 1149 drawings, 17 albums of drawings containing 826 drawings, two prints, four textbooks with drawings in the margins, 47 works by other artists and several sundry items (paint box, palette) that had been kept by three generations of his family: his mother, his sister Lola and his Vilató Ruiz nieces and nephews.