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Educational program Visits for foreign school groups

The Museu Picasso welcomes student groups from around the world visiting Barcelona, offering them the chance to enjoy a visit to the museum with docents.

With a methodology based on the importance of observing and dialoguing in front of the work of art, museum visits are a dynamic opportunity where students can actively participate in the learning process. The docent works as a moderator of this discussion, offering students the key notions to be able to go further in their knowledge, deepening it and making it more lasting. The program responds as well to the real learning concerns of the group, while in sharing opinions students come to new and enriching conclusions.

The museum proposes an itinerary featuring five works from the collection, allowing the students to get to know the museum better and with it the life’s work of Picasso. The artworks can be changed in function of the educational level of the group or the museum’s own requirements.

The languages offered in this program are English, French and Italian. For other languages, please consult availability when reserving (this service could include a surcharge).

For more information, consult the visit guide here.

Practical Information

  • Service available from September to July

  • Languages English, French and Italian. Please consult availability of other languages, which could include a surcharge

  • Days Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: English and French /
    Tuesday and Wednesday: Italian

  • Hours from 3 pm onward

  • Price 85€ per group (maximum 25 students)

  • Duration 1 hour approximately


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