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Educational ServiceProgram (pdf) 2015 - 2016

Educational project for the 2015-2016 course

The Museu Picasso proposes a new educational project based on the importance of observing and dialoguing in front of a work: based on the appreciations of the students, an in-depth analysis of the work is carried out and a shared dialogue is generated by means of which their interests are expressed. The educator acts as a moderator of this debate and provides the students with the keys to deepen their own knowledge, a much deeper and lasting knowledge, given that it responds to the real learning concerns of the group, that by sharing their opinions reach new and enriching conclusions.

  • Guions previs
  • Treballs de les escoles
A painting lives its life like a living being, experiencing the changes that daily life imposes on us. That’s quite natural given that it’s not the painting that lives, but those who look at it
Pablo Picasso Christian Zervos, “Conversation avec Picasso”, a Cahiers d’art Paris 7/10 (1935), p. 173-174

Prior notes for the teachers:

The new educational methodology undertaken by the museum is aimed at students from the 1st course of primary to adults. The groups from nursery schools who want to visit the Museum can do so during the school hours on free visits.


The workshop visits propose a participative visit in which, by means of the observations of the students and the dialogue generated between them, four works of the collection are analysed and observed; and a workshop that develops the topics that have emerged, based on the interests and appreciations of the group during the visit to the galleries, and that allow them in a creative way to carry out a jointly constructed learning.

Permanent collection


  • -I see you, you see me [+]

    We all have many portraits, of ourselves and of others: we propose a new way of doing them!

  • -Let’s be artists! [+]

    We will practice different ways of representing reality, with very different materials.

  • -A work of art and a 1.000 tales

    What tales are hidden in Picasso’s works? To discover them and enjoy art, we must learn how to "read" it.

Secondary and Baccalaureate

  • Start date October 1st 2015
  • We offer a general visit to the Museum in English, French and Italian
  • Duration 1 hour approx.
  • Timetable Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.00pm onwards
  • Price 75€/group (max. 25 students)

  • Advance booking required
    / T 93 256 30 22 (from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m)

Dynamic visits

The museum proposes itineraries based around five works of the collection in which the protagonists are the students. The visit will be based on their interests and observations, and the attention of the whole group will be promoted by means of the reflection on their own opinions and those of their classmates. They will learn together, while improving their skills of observation, dialogue and expression.

Permanent collection


Secondary and Baccalaureate

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