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  • Escola Massana
  • Técnicas de expresión gráfico-plástica y volumen
  • Teacher Quim Martínez and Romà Arranz
  • A partir de un cubo de porexpan los alumnos han creado sus interpretaciones de fragmentos de obra picassiana del museo.
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  • Neighbourhood Projects
  • With the intention of working with Picasso's oeuvre from a different standpoint, the Educational Service of the Museu Picasso, along with the photographer Lidia Carbonell and the teachers and the 6th grade students of the Escola Parc de la Ciutadella, have developed a three-sided project: museum, artist and school. From the departure point of Las Meninas by Picasso, we have worked the concept of "series", both as a process of creation and as a group of images.
  • Artworks :
    Tomàs Ferreira Crubellati
  • Garazzi Obiols Iraeta
  • Sofia Jones Mosterin
  • Casals d'estiu at the Museum