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PICA PICASSO is a training project for kindergarten and early childhood education teachers. It seeks to explore the educational possibilities of working with art successfully, by means of musical, corporeal, visual and oral languages, and with a focus on the work of Picasso.

The name of the activity comes from the Catalan children’s rhyme “Ralet, ralet, pica dineret!” (like “Sing a Song of Sixpence”), linking the project with the function of children’s rhymes as a learning tool in the context of play.

This training project has the goal as well of familiarizing children and their teachers in the neighbourhood with the museum’s collection and activity, in the context of how the museum engages the social and cultural fabric of Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella (the Old City).

Reinforcing this aspect of working with the community, PICA PICASSO is a collaboration between the Museu Picasso and the Centre de Recursos Pedagògics (CRP) in Ciutat Vella (Centre for Pedagogical Resources).

Other links: picapicasso.jimdo.com

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