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Community Outreach Neighbourhood projects with elementary and secondary schools

One of the objectives of the Educational Services of the Museu Picasso has been to improve our services beyond the area of student visits, so as to become a valuable resource for educational organizations in our area, bringing ourselves closer to children in our neighbourhood. The goal is that the museum (and those working in it) might be considered familiar and not distant, becoming a place where neighbourhood children have meaningful and valuable experiences.

For this reason we have made working with schools in our community a key feature of our outreach work.

In these activities, we define the project to be developed with the school. It can have a varying length and format depending upon the needs of each organization. In this way we encourage the autonomy of students in relationship to art, strengthening various capacities through knowledge of cultural heritage and exploring their own context through the work of Picasso, who also lived part of his childhood and adolescence in Ciutat Vella.

Educational Projects Completed

Practical Information

  • Duration To be defined, minimum one trimester

  • Oriented towards educational organizations in Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella

  • Free activity

  • If you are interested in developing a neighbourhood project with us, please contact our service at museupicasso_educacio@bcn.cat

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