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    Malén Gual, Joan-Francesc Ainaud, Isabel Cendoya, Claustre Rafart, Montserrat Torras, Sònia Villegas. Texts for Prints rooms: Rosa Vives

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    Marta Jové

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    Anna Fàbregas, Reyes Jiménez

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    Jordi Calafell, Lluís Casals, David Douglas Duncan, Rosa Feliu, Òscar Ferrer, Gasull Fotografia, Pep Herrero, Lafotogràfica, Jordi Mota, Ramon Muro, Roberto Otero, Pérez de Rozas, Michel Sima, Ronald Stallard, El Taller Interactivo, André Villers, mainly. For exact references see captions. Cubist photograph of Picasso in the home page, Rodrigo Jokisch.

    The Museu would like to thank the following museums for contributing photos: Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York; Musée national Picasso and Musée national d’Art Moderne-Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris; National Gallery in Prague and, in Barcelona, the Museu Nacional d’Art of Catalunya–MNAC and l’Arxiu Històric of Barcelona – Photographic record archive–AHCB-AF.

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The Museu Picasso would especially like to thank Picasso’s heirs for their support to our museum initiatives. At the same time, the Museu is grateful for the collaboration and technical advice from the Internet Department of Barcelona City Council throughout the whole project.