Picasso Museum of Barcelona

The Bullfight Game
Sugar Aquatint
20 x 30 cm
Donated by Raymund Noguera, 1985
MPB 112.775
Not on display

The Work

Picasso produced a series of etchings dedicated to bullfighting in 1957, comprising a series of 27 prints to illustrate the book La Tauromaquia o arte de Torear (Tauromachy or the Art of Bullfighting) by José Delgado, known as Pepe Illo.

The artist presents the entire fight process, from the moments prior to the bull’s death with an excellent bullfighting vision of the old ‘suertes’ opening stages which are no longer practised in the 20th century, only comparable to Goya.
The Museu Picasso houses the prints made from the scored plates and also these.

The project of publishing a bibliophile book illustrated by Picasso and published by the Catalan publishers Gustavo Gili began in 1928 when Gustavo Gili i Roig (1868-1945) set to agreeing to publish the aforementioned Tauromachy book with Picasso. But the project did not see the light of the day until 1959 at the hand of Gustau Gili i Esteve (1906-1992) and with Picasso’s collaboration.

The book was illustrated with 26 aquatints printed at the Lacourière-Frélaut workshop in Paris and a drypoint done in 1959 for the book cover, printed by Jaume Pla in Barcelona. The Catalan stationer’s produced a special paper for the edition with a watermark of the artist. 263 copies of the book were printed.

This work was presented in the Gaspar Gallery in Barcelona on 11th January 1960 with an exhibition of the etchings and plates.