Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Man in a Beret
Signed P. Ruiz and dated ‘95 in the top right-hand corner
Corunna, 1895
Oil on canvas
50.5 x 36 cm
Donated by the artist, 1970
MPB 110.058

The Work

The Ruiz Picasso family lived in Corunna between 1891 and 1895.

In this period, there was a change from 1893 on and an alternation of trends in his creations. In opposition to clearly academic works, where an early disposition for performance can be seen, there are some with free inspiration. These are, in fact, his research into technique and surrounding reality. From 1893, the works are more assured, better capturing essence and leaving the superfluous detail of his childhood drawings from Malaga to one side.

This sober and dense portrait shows the fourteen year old boy’s effort to move from a predominately aesthetic art to a more expressive and human art.

This portrait is one of the first canvases where Picasso uses oil in a slightly superior format to what was usual for him.


Room 1


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