Picasso Museum of Barcelona

Mountain Landscape
Signed P. Ruiz Picasso and dated Málaga 96 in the bottom left-hand corner
Malaga, 1896
Oil on canvas
60.7 x 82.5 cm
Donated by the artist, 1970
MPB 110.008

The Work

Landscapes took on major importance in Picasso’s work in the summers of 1896 and 1897. The family’s stay at the farmhouse of the Blasco Alarcóns – Pablo’s godparents – in Llanes (Malaga) gave him the chance to carry out an exhaustive study of the mountains in Malaga and the surrounding area.

Mountain Landscape is the most important work from this period, preceded by preparatory studies, one in oil and two panels. The Museum houses the preparatory study MPB. 110.008 and several Malaga landscapes from the time (MPB 110.167, 110.074, 110.177, 110.186, 110.225). In his book Picasso insólito (Madrid 1981, p.117), Manual Blasco Alarcón identified this spot as the hills at La Negra Cave in Llanes.

The rich thick strokes used, alongside the lack of lines, substituted for a combination of vivid coloured strokes and intense luminosity, mark his first distancing from academic teachings. The slanted brushstrokes and the accurate use of ochre tones become excellent vehicles for capturing the aridity of the section of country shown.


Room 2


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