Vostok: Carlos Alguacil, Mar Estrama, Thalia Lavaill, Alexis Rom

Astral multi-cubes

Come in and get to know the sensational world of the modular buffers!

The participants will be able to print a multitude of prints with the “Multi-cube printers”. What do you prefer: a jungle of ferocious lions, a sea of coral waters with exotic fish or to tell the story of an incredible space adventure? In this workshop you will be taught in a rapid and intuitive way how, based on basic shapes, you can create spaces and stories with printing techniques in relief and multi-coloured.

In case of rain, this workshop will be held in the Grisart Escola Internacional de Fotografia.

Vostok Printing Shop
An old shop specialised in printing systems and Graphic Art since 2011 at the service of professionals, amateurs and anyone curious who finds printing a pleasure.

Carlos Alguacil
Master in Printing. There is no printing technique, however mysterious it may be, that he doesn't know all about.

Mar Estrama
AKA Miss Estrama. With the innate powers of printing.

Thalia Lavaill
AKA Lady Engraving. Known for her masterly skills with pads and photoengraving.

Alexis Rom
AKA Mr. Intangible. He controls the power of friendliness and is capable of making fantastic and sensational puppets by art of magic.

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