Olga Subirós


Exploring the limits of creation and of the individual and collective authorship

"The major artists copy, the geniuses steal"; “all acts of creation start out as an act of destruction”; “art is an instrument of offensive war and defence against the enemy."
Pablo Picasso.

In this workshop we will work with works of Picasso, images from Internet and press in paper format so as to explore in an enjoyable way based on existing material. Copying, transforming, combining…everything counts! We will reflect on the limits of creation and the individual and collective authorship.

Olga Subirós
Architect, curator and designer of exhibition projects, she understands these last ones as tool boxes for deciphering the reality. Her last work was the exhibition Big Bang Data in the CCCB. She is currently preparing a new project, Remix, of which this workshop represents a small preview.

Grafic Design: Anna Subirós subirosdesign.com

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