Joana Santamans

Imaginary ocean

The marine world has jumped into the Big Draw, come and see it!

Participate in the biggest imaginary ocean of the city and turn the Born Centre Cultural into a giant fishbowl. Come and paint a large mural of marine creatures: whales, giant octopusses, squid and unknown fish. A creative day in which the colours will be the protagonists and in which all the world is welcome.

Joana Santamans
Joana Santamans (Barcelona, 1977) grew up climbing up the trees and playing in fancy dress. Later on she became impregnated by the life of the major cities such as London, New York or San Francisco. Positive and entrepreneurial, she created works that reflected a profound look at nature and the female figure. She observes the plants and the animals as a naturalist and feels colour and composition in a very intuitive way, always using a mixed technique. Her art, restless and in constant evolution, pulses through the walls, exhibitions and art galleries, decorative pieces or publications.

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