Spit out your drawing (or comb it delicately)

From the mural to picture cards, there exist multiple ways of drawing

Workshop for drawing depending on each one’s mood: from the large formats and the energetic brushstrokes to the small pieces of paper and the intimate work. In the workshop we will explore the relation between the formats and the suitable tools for getting the maximum communicative potential out of each one. From the most prudent to the bravest, we can all find distinct ways of expressing ourselves, depending on what we feel like doing.

Lecture hall

Yamandú Canosa

Hidden drawings

Find the drawing you have inside you

Workshop of drawing of shadows. Using the light of a special spotlight, we will draw the silhouettes of the shadows projected on large areas of paper: projections of the bodies of the participants, of objects, of gestures, situations, shadows which are foreshortened or in an anamorphic state, Chinese shadows, etc. Performing drawings for creating a mega-collage of shadows, in teams (without a shadow of boredom).

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Olga Subirós


Exploring the limits of creation and of the individual and collective authorship

"The major artists copy, the geniuses steal"; “all acts of creation start out as an act of destruction”; “art is an instrument of offensive war and defence against the enemy."
Pablo Picasso.

In this workshop we will work with works of Picasso, images from Internet and press in paper format so as to explore in an enjoyable way based on existing material. Copying, transforming, combining…everything counts! We will reflect on the limits of creation and the individual and collective authorship.

Centre of Knowledge and Research

Luki Huber

Manual Thinking: thinking with the hand and drawing with the head

Dare to draw big plans and make them come true!

What have we done together that we liked? Why? What would we like to do now? With whom? And when? If it’s difficult to reach an agreement to do plans in a group, this is the workshop for you. Manual Thinking is a fun tool for collectively planning projects, in a fast way and in which everyone has something to say.

Pati Noguera

Zosen and Mina Hamada

Patchwork mural

Bring your patches to this large mural of patchwork and stories

Patchwork is an artistic technique that consists of assembling pieces of material of different sizes and colours so as to make a new article. This workshop proposes the creation in a group of a giant patchwork that covers the walls and floor, using cardboard and paper instead of material. Each participant will design and create with different techniques and materials the pieces to form part of a collective mural.

Pati Noguera

Agustina Guerrero

The looks speak

Sometimes looks say much more than wordss

This project highlights the importance of the expressions in the language of the comic. The participants will draw different looks in bubbles of text, playing with the idea that looks form part of the universal language, and that they very often end up expressing more than the words themselves. The final result should be to create a dialogue, or many dialogues, between the spectator and the multitude exposed in the bubbles.

Pati Finestres

Gonzalo Elvira

Urban impressions

Discover the impressions that are left by the passing of time in your surroundings

Frottage workshop to reflect on how the passing of time influences our spaces and everyday lives. By scratching and rubbing various materials, we will take the impressions and prints from the passing of time in the urban space: the ground, trees and even the walls of the buildings will become our compositions. These elements, along with different tools such as paper, cloth, graphite or chalk, will help us to produce a large collective mural of urban impressions.

In case of rain, this workshop will be relocated in the Passeig de Picasso.

Plaça Jaume Sabartés

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