Joso and students from the Escola Joso

Put on your best face

Discover the identity of a group of characters by drawing their expressions

Drawing workshop for children, in which the participants should finish a series of sketches done previously by Joso that insinuate all types, shapes and sizes of characters. The aim is for the children to give them character and personality, drawing the face on each of them.

* This workshop will finish at 6.00pm

Joso is a humoristic cartoonist who started his professional career in 1956 in magazines of the Publisher Bruguera and in the sports newspaper “Dicen” (They say). In the decade of the 1960s he founded the agency “Publicitat Solana” with his brothers and combines his works of graphic humorist with that of writer in the satirical magazine “PZ”. Already in 1980 he created the bases for the major project of his professional life: the first step towards the creation of a centre dedicated to the teaching of the comic, which he founded in 1982 with the name Escola de Còmic Joso (School of the Comic Joso).

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