Spit out your drawing (or comb it delicately)

From the mural to picture cards, there exist multiple ways of drawing

Workshop for drawing depending on each one’s mood: from the large formats and the energetic brushstrokes to the small pieces of paper and the intimate work. In the workshop we will explore the relation between the formats and the suitable tools for getting the maximum communicative potential out of each one. From the most prudent to the bravest, we can all find distinct ways of expressing ourselves, depending on what we feel like doing.

Plastic artist and, above all, cartoonist, with a long trajectory in the drawing of editorial and thought cartoons in the press. He has published a deep visual recreation of the Homeric world: The Odyssey (2007-2009) and The Iliad (2009-2013). In his self-published project DITS DE ROSA (Pink Fingers) with eight titles published, it includes works from press and also some unpublished works.

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