Alfabèstia (Alphabeast)

Give life to new creatures and shapes based on figures and letters

Letters and numbers are written symbols to which a value and significance has been given. If we are capable of stripping away this meaning, we will be able to imagine thousands of new shapes - all types of animals, characters and objects that we will draw by taking advantage of the outlines of their figures.

Roberta Bridda and Elena Gascón

Strange bugs, very strange!

Create a 3D character for the quirkiest gallery in the world

Invent your strange bug with drawings, collage and a simple technique of pop-up (engineering of paper) so as to create the biggest gallery of characters in three dimensions in the world. Experiment with the combination of different ways of working with mixed techniques: cutting out, sticking paper and drawing with coloured pencils on a three-dimensional card which is produced with just one fold and cut out.

In case of rain, this workshops will be relocated in the Passeig de Picasso.

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