Josep Castells and Isidre Manils

Centenary of the birth of Orson Welles

A giant homage for a giant of the cinema

This workshop recreates the advertising mural painting used in the cinema, as a homage to Orson Welles on the centenary of his birth. To do so, the street will be occupied so as to get the most out of the creative activities and to draw freely in the way of the advertising muralists of cinema. The result will be a large poster, which will be hung on the façade of the Palau Mercader in a festive ambience full of surprises.

* The workshop will finish at 5.00pm due to the technical needs regarding the exhibiting of the final mural, which will be visible to the public at 6.30pm on the façade of the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc.

If it rains, this workshop will be relocated inside the Cercle Artístic Sant Lluc.

Josep Castells Planas
Cardedeu 1947. He learnt the skills for painting from his father. In the Escola Massana he studied drawing, sculpture and polychromy. In Cardedeu he was co-founder of the theatre group GAT and of Televisió de Cardedeu, participating until the present day in activities of the town's cultural events. Since 1980 he has dedicated himself professionally to stage designing. He has designed and constructed the scenography for theatre, cinema, television and has collaborated in the setting up of opera productions, as well as for the installations for museums and exhibitions.

Isidre Manils
An artist of pictorial work characterised by a cinema-oriented look which translates into pictorial stills. "In the cinema I learnt what to paint, but not in the literal sense, of the themes, but something deeper: the "what" would be the main theme of my painting, the "how" is what has challenged me most (...)”. He has exhibited in different galleries, art fairs and museums such as, for example, the Fundació Vila Casas or ARCO Madrid.

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