Yamandú Canosa

Hidden drawings

Find the drawing you have inside you

Workshop of drawing of shadows. Using the light of a special spotlight, we will draw the silhouettes of the shadows projected on large areas of paper: projections of the bodies of the participants, of objects, of gestures, situations, shadows which are foreshortened or in an anamorphic state, Chinese shadows, etc. Performing drawings for creating a mega-collage of shadows, in teams (without a shadow of boredom).

Yamandú Canosa
Uruguayan artist living in Barcelona. He combines multiple techniques in his work, in which the search for balance is a constant. He shows a major interest in cultural identity, the memory and the experiences of the affections, compared with the fragility of the interpersonal relations, the rootlessness and the migrations. In 2007 he won the Pedro Figari Award in recognition of his trajectory, and in mid-2011, he exhibited in the Fundación Suñol of Barcelona El árbol de los frutos diferentes (The tree of different fruits) a retrospective look at his work of the past two decades.

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