Roberta Bridda and Elena Gascón

Strange bugs, very strange!

Create a 3D character for the quirkiest gallery in the world

Invent your strange bug with drawings, collage and a simple technique of pop-up (engineering of paper) so as to create the biggest gallery of characters in three dimensions in the world. Experiment with the combination of different ways of working with mixed techniques: cutting out, sticking paper and drawing with coloured pencils on a three-dimensional card which is produced with just one fold and cut out.

In case of rain, this workshop will be relocated in the Passeig de Picasso.

Roberta Bridda
Illustrator and Italian bookbinder, she has lived in Barcelona since 2003. She graduated in Architecture, and is dedicated to the research in the field of experimental publishing. She has been professor of bookbinding, artistic and pop-up books in different educational centres: Escola Massana, Barcelona University, Escola Rosa Sensat, civic centres and private workshops with students of all ages.

Elena Gascón
She has a degree in Fine Arts in painting and a Master’s degree in Drawing. She is professor of Didactics of Visual and Plastic Education from the University of Barcelona and in the Escola Massana. She has given courses and seminars in the Escola Llotja, in Rosa Sensat and in the University Rovira i Virgili. She has participated in international art trade fairs and in projects related to artistic books and poetic text.

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