Núria Algarra

(Never) Judge a book by its title

This time, instead of judging a book by its cover, we will do so by its title

Although they tell us that we should not do so, we tend to judge books by their cover. The publishers know this, the bookshop keepers know this and the readers know this: the first impression counts, and a lot. This time, we will judge a book by its title. To do so, a collection of titles will be offered so as to awaken the imagination of the participants, who will have to think up a possible story. With this story in mind, they will design the front and back cover of the imagined book, so as to later on exhibit the result on an imaginary shelf. The goal is to create a library of everything, full of stories to tell.

Núria Algarra
Humanist, blogger, publisher, and above all, reader. The summer she finished her studies in Humanities she opened up a blog to talk about books, and who would have imagined it, four years later it’s still running. She has the predilection for the comic and the illustrated book and collaborates with some publishers both through her profile of freelance publisher as well as being a blogger.

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