BIG DRAW. La festa del dibuix
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    Museu Picasso, Barcelona

    Bárbara Piffre, assisted by Mercè García, and the Activities Department of the Museu Picasso: Anna Guarro and Marta Iglesias

    Montse Morales

    Graphic Design of the publicity campaign
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    Roger Adam

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    Manel Baena and Anna Bru de Sala

    El Taller Interactivo

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    Moleskine, Tombo

    Proposal connected with
    The Big Draw.
    The Campaign for Drawing

    We would like to express our sincerest thanks to the participating spaces and artists for their involvement in this project, and to all the staff at the Museu Picasso: without your enthusiasm, BIG DRAW. LA FESTA DEL DIBUIX would not have been possible.

Museu Picasso de Barcelona
sunday 24 october 2010

BIG DRAW. LA FESTA DEL DIBUIX invites everyone of all ages and abilities to celebrate drawing as tool for expression, creativity and knowledge.

Artists, illustrators, designers and other creative professionals will be running workshops to offer a new take on drawing.

Everyone can take part free of charge and draw whatever they want, however they want.

Organised by the Museu Picasso and presented for the first time in Barcelona, BIG DRAW. LA FESTA DEL DIBUIX invites everyone to get involved by visiting the various participating entities and spaces in La Ribera, the district where it is being held.


Workshops open from
11 am to 6 pm.

No need to bring any materials: we only need you!