Big Draw Barcelona Dibuixa 28.10.18

The Big Draw has got even BIGGER! This year, as well as the area of the Museu Picasso, we are extending to other areas of the city: the Fundació Joan Miró, the MACBA, the Museu Nacional d´Art de Catalunya, the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona and the Design Museum of Barcelona.
We look forward to seeing you!!

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The Big Draw, La Festa del Dibuix is a day in which artists, illustrators, architects and designers, amongst others, both recognised as well as emerging, propose amusing workshops for everybody who wants to experiment, in a free, spontaneous and free-of charge way, in the world of drawing.

Organised and promoted by the Museu Picasso de Barcelona. Part de The Big Draw (formally The Campaign for Drawing).

Founded in 2000, The Big Draw is an arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention.


Museu Etnològic
Museu de cultures del món de Barcelona
Montcada, 12
Joaquim Arnal Barcelona kassena Our city is transformed with the colours, symbols and styles of the kassena houses, an African cultural treasure.
Estació de França (Adif) Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera, s/n Irma Arribas - Editorial Gustavo Gili All aboard! Travel to a new graphic space A master class about the drawing of perspectives.
Passeig del Born Berta Artigal, Merce Tous, Sergi Moreso and Anna Grimal (Apic) The enchanted wood Come and give life to the enchanted wood of the Passeig del Born and discover beings that are hidden there.
Asociación Lápiz Blanqueria, 9. Nou espai Asociación Lápiz Big people in Big Draw Do you want to form part of a large mural full of real-sized self-portraits?
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23. Centre de Coneixement i Recerca Flavita Banana A Fanzine at 4 hands Make your own story with your own cartoon strips and Flavita Banana, we’ll frame it and you’ve got your own fanzine!
Casal de barri Pou de la Figuera Carrer de Sant Pere Més Baix, 70 Branca Col·lectiu I do my own self-portrait An easel, a mirror and colours and…come in, come in!! Come and do a self-portrait as the major artists did!
Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona - Museu de la Xocolata Comerç, 36 Clicme · Petitesexperiènciesfotogràfiques Images, light, chocolate Come and do drawings and light and with chocolate!
Espai Cultural EINA Barra de Ferro Barra de Ferro, 2 Giuseppe Fioretti, Paz Gonzalez Anta and Claudia Sahuquillo Expanding drawing The experience of drawing with space.
Fundació Foto Colectania Passeig Picasso, 14 Fundació Foto Colectania and Grisart Catch the light! Light and darkness, drawing with the origins of photography.
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23. Sala d´actes Ana Garcia-Pineda Have you ever seen a world float? Create your own world and set it in orbit.
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23. Sala 0 Francesca Llopis Insect me and garden yourself We’ll take the pencils and transform ourselves into the smallest, and at the same time, most important beings, in such fragile flowers and become part of the garden.
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23. Pati Finestres Rita Lugli Il lanone Just one line that we draw together.
Carrer de l´Allada-Vermell Anna Mongay Monteso Let's draw darkness Draw the night and illuminate the part that inspires you most.
Estació de França (Adif) Av. del Marquès de l'Argentera, s/n Vasco Mourão Drawing cities Draw the buildings and we will create a city together!
Jardins Pou de la Figuera Carrer del Pou de la Figuera François Pagès and Aida Ferret Let's frame the street Between all of us we will make a portrait gallery in the street! Do you want to join in?
La Seca Espai Brossa
Flassaders, 40
Taller Raima Drawing paper
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23 Pça. Jaume Sabartés Gerson Ruiz @antpintura Invasion of ants Based on the paste-up technique, we will create a world of ants that climb and descend and polish the city.
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23 Pati Noguera 2 Seta Bcn Bombing Art: Explosions of urban art Look for an image, a gesture that represents you: recognizable, easy to repeat and direct.
Museu Picasso Montcada, 15-23 Pati Noguera 1 SM 172 One template on another = A new drawing Improvise based on templates: combine them and create new ones.
El Born
Centre de Cultura i Memòria
Plaça Comercial, 12
Urban Sketchers Barcelona The big mural del Born Come and participate in the creation of the giant, collective temporary mural of the Born.
El Born
Centre de Cultura i Memòria
Plaça Comercial, 12
Urban Sketchers Barcelona In search of the sketcher “In search of the sketcher” is a tour around the neighbourhood of the Born in which the participants will find artists with whom they will be able to share the history of the place they are drawing, and that they invite to draw with them.
Blueproject Foundation Princesa, 57 Ignacio Uriarte (Un)productive collective gesture in drawing and sculpture Love and hate. Monochromatic emotional drawing.
Blueproject Foundation Princesa, 57 Ignacio Uriarte Labyrinths The paper way. Create a continuous line of balls of paper.



23 workshops free of charge for all ages

Día Sunday October 22nd
Venue and time Different spaces in the neighbourhoods of la Ribera, Santa Caterina and Sant Pere, from 11.00am to 7.00pm Information point Plaça Jaume Sabartés

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