Ana Garcia-Pineda

Have you ever seen a world float?

Create your own world and set it in orbit.

You know we are breaking up the world, don’t you?

There’s no way of papering over the hole in the ozone layer, and the melting of the ice can’t be arranged, not even by sending all the fridges to the Antarctic. I would almost start building planet in response to this. We can line them up in a row, and when we destroy one, we can move on to the next one. Are you going to join us?

Come and draw your world. You can draw a better world, a worse one, one full of popcorn, another made of elastic beds, etc. Come and draw the world you fell like drawing. Come and we’ll set it in orbit. Have you ever seen a drawing float?

Maximum number of participants per group: 30 people (over 18 years).
This workshop requires previous registration via email to

Ana Garcia-Pineda (Sabadell, 1982)
Artista, performer and a combination of atoms with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and the Universität der Künste Berlin. She uses sense of humour to propose poetic solutions to our everyday tragedies. Proposals that only function within their own mechanisms of language and fit in between an apparently naïve utopia and the most ironical absurdity. Her drawings show her particular vision of the world. She collects real stories and connects unexpected facts so as to construct narrations that offer another perspective of the functioning of things.

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