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Documentation and Research Area

«Lavapiés». Isaac Albéniz, Niza, 1906

The Documentation and Research Area is responsible for gathering and organising the necessary resources and documentation for the physical and acoustic study of musical instruments in their historical and cultural context, and for the study of composers and performers. The Area is structured as follows:


The library contains 3,000 monographs and 20 specialist journals on organology. The content of these publications focuses on musical instruments and their history and development within an ethnographic, historical and scientific framework. New: Library Catalog on line.

Historic Archive
Portrait of Isaac Albéniz

The musical archive comprises donations and legacies of musicians closely tied to Barcelona’s musical culture from the 19th and 20th centuries as well as contributions from figures and institutions that have made their donation together with their private instrument collection. It also preserves the collections of living authors and institutions including the Municipal Band of Barcelona or the Wagnerian Institute (a total of 12,000 documents). These private archives preserve items ranging from original manuscripts to photographs and various biographical documents, with an important epistolary collection. For more information please go to Collections.

Sound Fonds
Perforated disc

Contains approximately 7,800 items, representing almost all the stages in the development of the analog and digital recording of music. For more information please go to Collections.

The Photographic Archive
Granados and his wife

Contains a numerous and heterogeneous wealth of images (35mm, 6x6, paper, digital) of different typologies and it includes a historic and contemporary archive of photographs for the identification of instruments from the collection and their restoration processes. Available to researchers and organology specialists.

Conservation Technical Advice Service
Sax. Adolphe Sax. París, Francia. 1814-1894   © G. Serra, 1990

Restoration and study of the heritage and collections of instruments as well as musical documentation. Moreover, it provides experts and specialists with access to the collection of instruments from the open reserve.

The Documentation and Research Area also provides visitors with access to the following data-bases:
Library catalogue: monographs, journals and articles
Catalogue of musical instruments of the Museu de la Música
CAT I CAT (Catalogue of Instruments in the Public Collections of Catalonia)
IMC (Database of Catalan musical iconography), with graphic and artistic representations of both musical instruments and musical events and scenes, made in Catalonia up to the year 1914.

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