Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural Exterior


Gaudí. Exploring form
Space, geometry, structure and construction

Saló del Tinell, City History Museum. Barcelona
20.3.2002 - 29.9.2002

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Introductions : Mayor of Barcelona Leading Councillor for Culture President of SEACEX Exhibition curator


"I have this ability to see space because I am the son, grandson and great-grandson of coppersmiths."

"This tree is my teacher. Everything comes from the book of nature."

"I calculate everything. In this way, the logical form emerges."

"I am a geometrician, that is to say, I synthesise."

"Continuous forms are perfect."

"There is not a single vertical column in the world. The only thing that needs to be studied is the extent to which it can be inclined."

"Light is the source of all excellence. Architecture is the arrangement of light. The illumination has to be just right: not too much and not to little."

"For a work of architecture to be beautiful, all its elements must be appropriate in situation, dimension, form and colour."

Antoni Gaudí