Passeig de Gràcia, 92

Living in a stone sculpture

Mr. Pere MilÓ, who married a rich widow, Mrs. Roser Segimon, wanted to live in a spectacular house in the most cosmopolitan avenue of the Barcelona of the time; the passeig de GrÓcia.

GaudÝ was the chosen arhcitect, mainly because he had just built the neighbouring Batllˇ House, considered then the very latest example of the local architecture. Mr. MilÓ, however, wanted his house to be bigger; monumental. Thus, the architect built two blocks of flats with independent accesses but unified by the same fašade, made of stone and with undulating patterns, with large windows allowing good interior lighting.

An amazing structure in the basement wich served as a garage, an open plan distribution of the flats which were to be used as dwellings and an outstanding attic supporting the roof are the most significant elements.

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