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Only the IAEC member cities can become venues of the Association's International Congresses. They are held every two years and provide an opportunity to disseminate, compare and exchange experiences and good practices, and to establish collaborative relationships among cities. They provide also an occasion to enrich the construction of the discourse of Educating Cities.


The City of Barcelona will host the 13th International Congress of Educating Cities in 2014 under the theme: "The Educating Cities is an Inclusive City".

Specifically, the Congress will be focused on the adaptation of city council services to fighting against new forms of social exclusion, the promotion of administrative coordination in order to offer comprehensive services to people, the improvement of employability and access to labour market, the promotion of personal autonomy, the encouragement of access to housing and the reinforcement of social capital.


1st 1990 Barcelona The Educating City for Children and Youth
2nd 1992 Gothenburg The Lifelong Learning
3rd 1994 Bologna The Multi-culturalism. "Getting to Know Ourselves and Recognizing Each Other: For a New Geography of Identities"
4th 1996 Chicago The Arts and Humanities as Agents of Social Change
5th 1999 Jerusalem Taking Heritage and History into the Future
6th 2000 Lisbon The City, Educational Space in the New Millennium
7th 2002 Tampere The Future of Education. The Role of the City in the Globalised World
8th 2004 Genoa Another city is possible. The future of the city as a collective project
9th 2006 Lyon People's place in the City
10th 2008 Sao Paulo Building Citizenship in Multicultural Cities Programme
11th 2010 Guadalajara
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