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The nrg4SD was established by some of the regional governments that attended the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, to share experiences on a regional level. The network was launched in 2002 and was legally registered in Belgium in 2004 as an "International non-profit-making association”.

The Government of Catalonia is a founder member of the nrg4SD.

The network’s activities centre on sustainable development, specifically in three areas:

  1. To promote, publicise, exchange, and build the capacities of the regions in this field, seeking recognition for their contribution in this field.
  2. To foster the creation of agreements, programmes and partnerships, particularly between developed regions and regions in developing countries, in collaboration with other public and private agents.
  3. To participate in international conferences and summits in order progressively to articulate discourse and the role of regions and influence decision making as a network.

Currently nrg4SD has an executive committee, of which Catalonia is an active member, and which meets periodically to decide on the network’s work programme and the priorities for its global consolidation.

The nrg4SD participates in the UNFCCC as an observer organisation and takes an active part in the Conferences of the Parties (COP).

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