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Welcome from the Mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu

November 2009

It's an honour for our city to be hosting the 2009 Barcelona Climate Change Talks. This year will be crucially important when it comes to making international commitments to carry out global and joint action against climate change. Our city is delighted to be able to take an active part in this process, the high point of which will be the agreement that is to be established at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, which will be taking place in Copenhagen this December. That is why we are proud the terms of this agreement are also being debated in Barcelona.

For Barcelona, fostering sustainable urban development and fighting climate change, from a broad perspective, has been a City Council priority, both in our long-term strategy and in the activities and projects being carried out in the city on a daily basis.

As Mayor, I want these work meetings to be useful, so we can all go to Copenhagen feeling optimistic about reaching a sound agreement.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome you here today, and we feel certain the 2009 Barcelona Climate Change Talks will help bring continuity to the global fight against climate change.

Barcelona extends its welcome to you.

Welcome to Barcelona!

Jordi Hereu

Mayor of Barcelona