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Previously known as Fundació Natura, this is the first Catalan NGO dedicated exclusively to the protection, improvement and restoration of natural ecosystems. Since 1997, they have carried out more than 70 studies and restoration and conservation projects in Catalonia, Spain and Southern countries.

Its mission is to conserve the natural heritage and biodiversity through actions for protection, preservation, restoration and sustainable use, while raising the awareness of and involving society in their activities.

Other actions and resources on climate change currently operating or available:

  • Initiative to cure the climate ZeroCO2 (www.ceroco2.org), promoted in association with the NGO Ecologia i Desenvolupament since 2005.
  • Computer game “AlertaCO2”, on climate change research. Published 2006. To play online from the Acciónatura website (www.accionatura.org), in Catalan and Spanish. Target public: 12 to 18 year olds.
  • Two exhibitions on causes, effects and solutions to climate change in Catalonia: “Climate change warms you too (ages 6 to 11), and “The climate is changing. Are you?” (ages 12 to 18). Published 2007. Catalan.
  • Campaign: “Crímenes de Lucindo: ¿estás implicado?” (www.crimenesdelucindo.org)
Duquessa d'Orleans, 6, baixos - 08034 Barcelona
Telephone: 93 237 38 02
Fax: 93 205 19 18

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