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Ernest Maragall

Born in Barcelona in 1943
Profession: Economist and Computer Analyst

Professional Activity

From 1958 to 1970 In private sector companies in the fields of Advertising and Marketing

1970-1983 At Barcelona City Council as a Computer Analyst

1983-1989 Head of Institut Cartogrāfic de Barcelona S.A., a private municipal company (ICB S.A. Spm)

1990-1991 General Manager of the Municipal Institute of Information Technology (IMI) of Barcelona City Council

1991-1995 Head of the Department of Basic and Organisational Information and Delegate Councillor of the IMI and Delegate Councillor of the ICB.

1995-1997 Speaking Councillor of the Public and Quality Function of Barcelona City Council.

Since October 1997 Councillor of Public Finance and Function. President of the District Council of Sant Andreu.

Since July 1999 Councillor of the Presidency of Public Finance. President of the Municipal Institute of Information Technology. President of the Municipal Institute of Public Finance. Vice-president of the Public Function Committee of the Spanish Federation of Municipal Districts and Provinces. Vice-president Localret Board of Administration. Barcelona City Council Representative at the Federation of Municipal Districts of Catalonia. Vice-president of the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education.

Since July 2001 Spokesperson of the Municipal Government of Barcelona City Council.
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