Barcelona, ciutat de ciència
Espais de difusió cultural

The production of fresh knowledge would lack purpose without a system that ensured its dissemination to the wider public, and in this sense the city of Barcelona is also a point of reference. The role played by the city’s museums and science centres in the transmission of information and in the conservation and analysis of its history is fundamental. In the field of life sciences, municipally run institutions include the Barcelona Natural Science Museum, the Botanical Institute and the Botanical Gardens, together forming a palpable example of this three-fold task of cultural dissemination, heritage conservation and research. And outside the public sector but nonetheless performing a significant social role, housed in a huge, spectacular installation we find CosmoCaixa. Museums are not however the only spaces of diffusion of scientific culture. Barcelona Zoo and the Aquarium for example represent what is probably the first contact youngsters have with science, biodiversity and nature, not to mention the cultural installations which, though not dedicated specifically to science include the subject in their programming. Finally, mention should be made of the outstanding role played by the libraries and civic centres of Barcelona. These are instruments of proximity and the true social and cultural nuclei of the city, performing a service to communities and neighbourhoods and providing an ever-widening range of activities. 

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