Xavier Trias

Barcelona in the Postwar Years sets out to remind us that, beginning on 26 January 1939, our city was the setting for a tragic episode, a military occupation. The ideal place for imposing a bitter and painful victory. This exhibition aims to provide a precise chronicle of how those sudden changes were imposed.

Under military occupation, many Barcelona men and women suffered repression and were mobilised by force, while all their political, social and cultural references of previous years were erased from public spaces. The Catalan language disappeared from streets, signs, newspapers and radios, from everyday life.

During the five years that followed, only those aspects of Barcelona that interested the regime were rebuilt.

Using period documents kept at the Barcelona Municipal Archive, Barcelona in the Postwar Years reflects on this long, harsh situation the city and its inhabitants were subjected to.

Seventy-five years later we are taking another step towards recovering the historical memory of Barcelona, exercising the democratic right that any people has to know its past and to read about it, freely and critically.

Xavier Trias
Mayor of Barcelona