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Barcelona is with Haiti

Institutional declaration of solidarity with and commitment to the people of Haiti

At its Plenary Meeting on 5 February Barcelona City Council approved the following institutional declaration.

The City Council wishes to:

  1. Express its most sincere solidarity with and commitment to the people of Haiti, who have been afflicted with the most devastating earthquake of their entire history.
  2. Assess the actions that have been carried out as emergency relief to help lessen the effects of the disaster. Give support to every activity embarked on or coordinated by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency and the Generalitat (regional government) of Catalonia's Catalan Emergencies Committee. Encourage the Generalitat's government and every development aid organisations to continue providing humanitarian aid from the Catalan Development Cooperation Agency, using the mechanisms available and for the necessary period of time.
  3. Express its gratitude to the public, who has given support through anonymous contributions and collaboration with NGO activities being carried out in the area during this time of crisis.
  4. Continue with emergency aid and particularl reconstruction work, under the provisions of the 2009-2012 Guidelines for International Cooperation, Solidarity and Peace, to help overcome this disaster. Act in coordination with every competent governmental and non-governmental organisation working effectively in the area, especially the UN and EU.
  5. Intensify joint aid efforts so that the city's residents work together with the city's economic and social forces work to support the Haitian people faced with the needs that have arisen from the earthquake of 12 January.
  6. Involve Barcelona in the call being made by United Local Cities and Governments (CGLU) to create more favourable conditions for drawing up an economic and social reconstruction plan for Haiti's cities, ensuring that the plan respects the country's sovereignty, its cultural situation and the principles of good governance and sustainable development.
  7. Reaffirm the commitment given to redevelopment work that so many associations, volunteers, NGOs, voluntary workers and public authorities are carrying out in collaboration with their local counterparts to eliminate the effects and causes of poverty, which in this case has seen its effects made all the more serious from this natural disaster.
  8. Call on the Spanish government to consider cancelling Haiti's foreign debt to Spain, as numerous social and non-governmental organisations have requested.
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