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What is The Pedagogical Co-ordination Council?

The Pedagogical Co-ordination Council, set up by the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Education, brings together institutions and civic organisations offering educational activities for schoolchildren. It began operating in the 1988-1989 school year, initially with meetings of staff from different departments of Barcelona City Council that organised activities for schoolchildren in the city, and was officially recognised by a mayoral decree on 26 February 1991.
The Pedagogical Co-ordination Council was set up by Barcelona Council to co-ordinate the civic organisations and institutions providing educational activities for schools with a view to optimising the city as an educational agent and widening the possibilities children have for learning from it. Since it was established, the number of organisations on the Pedagogical Co-ordination Council and the activities offered by them has not stopped growing, with new public institutions, foundations, NGO's and companies joining it all the time.